Manual Pinning Master Scheduler

For many bloggers in the early stages of starting a business is really difficult to have a budget for automated tools for pinning like tailwind or boardbooster… I personally didn’t have a budget at all so I had to create a system that I could use to manually pin my stuff to all my boards and group boards following each board rule of frequency and making it work to spread my content efficiently and constantly.

So one day, after reading a lot of resources, I put all my brain to work and that’s how was born the MASTER SCHEDULER, this file is an excel spreadsheet that mix the posts, the boards and the dates on one month to let you have a very visual follow up of what you have pined and where you have pined it, using this method my traffic increased from 60 pages views a day to 700+ page views a day in 3 months, and that is like an increase of 1100% with 0 money invested on ads.

Yes, It’s a hard work. You have to request access to many group boards, have your own boards, write great post in the niche you have chosen to succeed, you have to create great images for your post and once you have set all your data in the file ( post & boards ) it takes you from 20-30 minutes a day to make your manual pinning.

How it works:

  1. You make one file per month, on each block, you can manage 5 boards on the columns ( group or personal, your choice) and 10 posts in the lines. This means you must group the boards that have the more alike kind of content, for example, all recipes boards can be together in the columns and all the lines are filled with your post with recipes.
  2. Each board has a color, so when you post something in a board you must paint that day (the little boxes) with the color of the board, that way you won’t be pinning that same post to other boards in the block that day, and you will see visually when you have already posted that pin/post during the month so you don’t repeat it often.
  3. You must keep writing new posts and creating new images to pin per post that already exist so you can keep posting old content just new images. I recommend having at least 4 images per post so you can use the same post all the month on the same boards.
  4. You can use this schedule not only to handle what you post on Pinterest but also what you post on Facebook Groups or any other social media you work on and need to do manually pinning.

Now you are set to go, and you won’t regret it!!  Buy it and start your path to success right now – it’s only $4.99!

Manual Pinning Schedule

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